Portuguese Language Classes

Portuguese is the language of Portugal and Brazil, as well as several other countries in Africa and Asia. It has a long history and a rich literary heritage. Portuguese is based on Latin, though its vocabulary has been influenced by many different cultures. Learners who have some knowledge of Spanish, Italian, or French will encounter some familiar forms and vocabulary. However, it is not necessary for anyone to know these or any other languages to be able to acquire, successfully and enjoyably, a good understanding and use of basic Portuguese.

Umbrellas in Coimbra, Portugal, Credit- Nell Gross

Umbrellas in Coimbra, Portugal; photo courtesy of Nell Gross, former WAL Advisor and student



Registration for Spring Quarter 2024 has ended.

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If you see “In person” in Scheduling Notes, the class meets in person; otherwise it’s an online class via Zoom.

Start date
End date
Scheduling Notes
Portuguese 2 Christina Zubelli Thur 6:30 – 8:20PM 4/11/24 6/13/24
Portuguese 3 Paola Arbelaez Thur 7:00 – 8:50PM 4/11/24 6/13/24 Cancelled

To sign up for classes other than LVL 1, please first complete our online placement test and let the office know upon completion. Placement tests are reviewed during registration period. If you don’t see a test for the language you are interested in studying, please reach out to wal at cityu.edu We will try to arrange a phone placement with our faculty.

All classes are 18.5 hours. Tuition is $400. Without payment of tuition, your registration is received but remains incomplete. Level 1 classes must have 4 complete registrations to run; level 2+ will run on a minimum of 3 complete registrations.

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Class Description

Our faculty understand how every class has its own dynamic. Every learner has their own way of internalizing knowledge. In general, each level covers 2 chapters. The instructor will design and adjust every course to best respond to the diverse needs of the students. The instructor may vary the pace depending on the progress of the class as a whole to ensure ample practice opportunity for everyone.  Find out more about course objectives here.


Custom Program

WAL can design a special language program for you or your group.  Custom classes are planned with your needs and objectives in mind. WAL has the materials and instructional staff to provide you with an outstanding experience! Choose the number of hours you want to study and the dates of your study and we will design a program just for you.

Custom Programs may be contracted in 10-hour blocks that must be used within 5 weeks. Request a Custom Program here.

Corporate Programs

Communication is always key, especially in the world of business. Our experienced instructors are ready to come to your office with a tailored, industry-specific approach to language instruction. Program content is customized to meet the needs of individual companies.

Instruction requires a minimum of 10 hours total and a minimum of 1.5 hours per lesson.  Programs are generally scheduled on weekdays. Meeting dates and times are flexible. Instruction can be delivered at corporate sites or at our downtown office.

Please contact us at 206-239-4789 or wal@cityu.edu for more information or to receive quote.


Class Type Cost 
Evening & Day Classes $400 (effective 7/1/2019)
Custom Programs $700/10 hours (effective 7/1/2017)
Shared Custom Programs $450/10 hours per person (2-3 students)
Specialized Programs $750/10 hours