Polish is spoken by the Poles in Poland and overseas Polish communities. There are more than 50 million speakers of Polish around the world. It is a rich language with a long history, extraordinary by Central European standards.

As Poland assumes an increasingly important role in Europe, we are proud to be one of a select few online Polish programs in the US. We are ready to help you explore the Polish culture, history, or even contemporary politics through language.

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All Fall classes meet online via Zoom. Registration closed.
Class Instructor Days Time Start date End date Scheduling Notes
Polish 1 Ewa Krawczyk Tue 6:30 – 8:20PM 1/4/22 3/8/22 In person
Online registration has ended. If you wish to sign up for a class, please email wal@cityu.edu
All classes are 18.5 hours. Tuition is $400. Without payment of tuition, your registration is received but incomplete. Level 1 classes must have 4 complete registrations to run; level 2+ will run on a minimum of 3 complete registrations.
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