Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction

Specialized Study Emphasis in TESOL (39 Credits)

The Master of Education (M.Ed) in Curriculum and Instruction at City University of Seattle was designed to provide educators with current, research-based methodologies and practices that will allow you to increase student learning, improve classroom practice, and provide the knowledge and skills you need to be a leader in your field.  A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution qualifies you to apply to CityU’s M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialized study in TESOL.  For more information, visit City University here.


Students must choose 24 credits from pre-approved areas of study (TESOL).

TESOL Emphasis Requirements (Choose 24 credits from)

TESOL 510, Principles of Language Learning & Teaching (3 credits)

TESOL 525, Methods of Teaching Language (3 credits)

TESOL 530, Teaching Grammar (3 credits)

TESOL 540, Strategies for Teaching the Four Skills (3 credits)

TESOL 555, Materials Development & Selection (3 credits)

TESOL 565, Teaching English to the Young Learner (3 credits)

TESOL 575, Principles and Tools for Second Language Assessment (3 credits)

TESOL 585, Introduction to Applied Linguistics (3 credits)

TESOL 590, Field Experience Internship (3 credits)

Foundation Core (12 credits)

ECU 504 Graduate Research and Methodology (4)

ECU 506 Practice of Diversity and Global Education (4)

ECU 508 School and Community Engagement (4)

Master Thesis Project (3 credits)

ECU 601, Master of Education Capstone Project (Domestic students -3 credits)