Learn a World Language


Pursue your dream of learning another language at Washington Academy of Languages (WAL). For over 40 years, students of all walks of life have chosen WAL to achieve their language learning goals. World travelers and professionals enjoy the flexibility of the evening classes. WAL students enjoy the small classroom settings, classes range between four and fifteen students so you are able to learn in an intimate setting that allows students to practice speaking in class.

Why do you want to learn a world language?

“To travel the world!”

Our weekly classes will get you ready to explore! We believe learning a language is more than understanding grammar rules and lists of vocabulary; it means expanding one’s perspective and learning how to understand another culture from the inside. Conversation partners are also available to help you practice what you have learned in class.

“So I can communicate better with my grandmother.”

Many of our students learn another language to communicate better with their family members. We offer classes from Beginning Level to Advanced. You will have the opportunity to actively participate in class and practice speaking, pronunciation, culture, reading, writing, and comprehension.

“I need to communicate with my patients about their treatments.”

Choose a Custom Program if you’d like more flexibility for scheduling and learning goals. Just decide the number of hours you want to study and the dates of your study and we will design a program for you. We customize your classes to your specific goals including the vocabulary for your field.

“I want to give my employees the ability to talk to our clients in their native language.”

We offer corporate language training classes for employees at your workplace. We can create a program for your company’s needs, including specialized vocabulary and culture training.

Languages Offered:

Arabic     Chinese     French     German     Japanese      Korean

Persian     Portuguese     Russian     Spanish


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