WAL Mission & Purpose

The mission & purpose of the Academy is to promote cross-cultural understanding through language instruction and teacher training. The Intensive English Program serves non-native English speakers whose objective is to improve their English proficiency in order to study in a U.S. institution of higher learning or for other purposes. WAL also trains students in a number of world languages and offers graduate TESOL Certificate Programs . University credit is offered for these TESOL certificate programs through City University of Seattle. 

Mission Summary

The Washington Academy of Languages strives to:

  •  promote global understanding through an individualized approach to language instruction and cultural orientation;
  • provide language instruction and training which facilitates personal, academic and professional growth;
  • ensure that the Academy remains a prominent innovator in the area of professional development;
  • continually evolve as an institution which offers multidisciplinary programs to prepare individuals for successful international and language-related careers;
  • provide a supportive professional environment for instructional and professional staff that allows them further growth and development. 

Connection to CityU

In our ongoing effort to improve educational opportunities for students around the world, Washington Academy of Languages (WAL) became a division of City University of Seattle (CityU) in 2012. CityU is a not-for-profit university headquartered in the Seattle area. Its mission is to change lives by offering a quality education to anyone with the desire to learn. CityU has been offering a high-quality, relevant, higher education for nearly four decades and is pleased to have WAL join it in serving its mission.