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Russian Language Classes

Russian is an East Slavic language and is spoken in regional dialects. The modern dialect of Moscow is used in the Washington Academy of Languages’ instructional programs. Come join us for classes!

Sunset on the Volga, Russia, kindly shared by Dr. Robert Gloster, former WAL student

Sunset on the Volga, Russia, photo courtesy of Dr. Robert Gloster, former WAL student


Russian 1

This course begins with an introduction to the Slavic languages and their differentiation from the Germanic languages. Participants learn the Cyrillic alphabet along with Russian pronunciation and intonation. Formal and informal forms of address are introduced. Every lesson contains dialogues, followed by drills aimed at activating set expressions and conversational patterns which occur in the dialogues. Practical contexts are provided in which to introduce basic grammar, nouns and their gender, pronouns, prepositional cases and the conjugation of verbs in the present tense. By the end of this course, participants will have acquired a sufficient working vocabulary to give and receive polite greetings, to ask and answer simple questions, and to respond to simple interrogative and descriptive statements regarding such topics as family, life, and work.

Required Textbook (Level 1-6):

Lubensky, S. (2002). Nachalo, Book 1 (2nd ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill. (ISBN: 9780072433937)

Russian 2

Prerequisite: Completion of Russian 1 or instructor’s permission

Participants in this course review and solidify the material learned in Russian I and continue to build their working knowledge of the language, as it is used in everyday situations. Vocabulary development is emphasized. Structurally, material covered includes conjugation of verbs, questions about location and direction, adjective endings in the nominative case, the accusative case of nouns and adjectives derived from nouns. Topics covered in this level are home, one’s daily routine, the weekend, talking about likes, dislikes, needs, possibilities.

Required Textbook (Level 1-6):

Lubensky, S. (2002). Nachalo, Book 1 (2nd ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill. (ISBN: 9780072433937)

Russian 3

Prerequisite: Completion of Russian 2 or instructor’s permission

At this level, participants become proficient enough in Russian to be able to communicate with others about such topics as schedules, shopping, meeting people, telephone conversations and cooking. Grammar:  accusative case of special modifiers, the dative case of pronouns and indirect objects, genitive case of nouns and adjectives, and verbs of motion.  Imperfective and perfective verb stems and the future tense are also studied.

Required Textbook (Level 1-6):

Lubensky, S. (2002). Nachalo, Book 1 (2nd ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill. (ISBN: 9780072433937)

Russian 4

Prerequisite: Completion of Russian 3 or instructor’s permission

This course reviews grammar presented in previous levels.  Indirect speech, impersonal constructions, imperatives, instrumental case, and more verbs of motion are covered.  During this course, participants further develop their facility in discussing recreational and cultural interests and events, particularly those related to popular Russian culture. More ways to express needs, wishes, dates and plans are discussed.

Required Textbook (Level 1-6):

Lubensky, S. (2002). Nachalo, Book 1 (2nd ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill. (ISBN: 9780072433937)

Russian 5

Prerequisite:  Completion of Russian 4 or instructor’s permission

This course continues case study of all cases of nouns and adjectives, comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs.  We learn colors, continue more complex time expressions, use “someone/something” and “anyone/anything”, and use reflexive pronouns.  Topics:  weights and measurements, sickness and health, holidays, commands and invitations, expressing wishes and making toasts.

Required Textbook (Level 1-6):

Lubensky, S. (2002). Nachalo, Book 1 (2nd ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill. (ISBN: 9780072433937)

Russian 6

Prerequisite:  Completion of Russian 5 or instructor’s permission

We finish the Nachalo textbook with more work on verb tenses, perfective/imperfective aspect, and use subjunctive mood to describe what might have happened/should have happened and give advice.  Topics:  Ordering tickets, going to the theater, describing people and their professions, occupations and pastimes.

Required Textbook (Level 1-6):

Lubensky, S. (2002). Nachalo, Book 1 (2nd ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill. (ISBN: 9780072433937)


Classes must have a minimum of 4 students to run. Shared private lessons and custom programs are also available

-All classes are 20 hours.

*Classes falling on holidays will be rescheduled.

Fall Session B: November- December

Registration Deadline: Sunday, November 5th. Higher level classes require the previous class or a placement. New students may request a placement here.

Class Instructor Day Time Start date End date
Russian 1 Mariana Markova M/W 5:00 – 7:00 PM 11/13/2017 12/13/2017

Holidays (if applicable): 11/24/2017

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Next session begins January 8th, 2018 and higher level classes will be offered. If you would like a notification when a new schedule is up, you may enter your email here.

Custom Program

WAL can design a special language program for you or your group.  Custom classes are planned with your needs and objectives in mind. WAL has the materials and instructional staff to provide you with an outstanding experience! Choose the number of hours you want to study and the dates of your study and we will design a program just for you.

Custom Programs may be contracted in 10-hour blocks that must be used within 5 weeks. Request a Custom Program here.

Corporate Programs

Communication is always key, especially in the world of business. Our experienced instructors are ready to come to your office with a tailored, industry-specific approach to language instruction. Program content is customized to meet the needs of individual companies.

Instruction requires a minimum of 10 hours total and a minimum of 1.5 hours per lesson.  Programs are generally scheduled on weekdays. Meeting dates and times are flexible. Instruction can be delivered at corporate sites or at our downtown office.

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Class Type Cost 
Evening & Day Classes $350 (effective 7/1/2017)
Custom Programs $700/10 hours
Shared Custom Programs $450/10 hours per person (2-3 students)
Specialized Programs $750/10 hours