Phone: 206.239.4780

Homestay Agencies

We strongly recommend Homestays for students who are new to the US and/or who need extra assistance. A Homestay is an excellent opportunity to live with an American family and experience U.S. culture firsthand. The following homestay agencies provide placement services for students interested in living with U.S. families or who are interested in Bed and Breakfast homestays. A placement fee is paid to the agency, and then monthly payments go directly to the family with whom you are placed. In addition,some agencies offer transportation from the airport to the homestay location. If you are interested in applying for a host family, please allow one month for the application processing.

DISCLAIMER: City University of Seattle is not responsible for the quality and service provided by the organizations and agencies shown on these webpages.

USA International Dev. Inc.
9614 NE 201st St.
Bothell, WA 98011
Phone: 1.425.483.5974
Fax: 1.425.485.1891

My International Family
Phone: 1.312.674.7117
Toll Free: 1.866.440.5771
Fax: 1.312.674.7643
Pricing is dependent on location.

Seattle Homestay
P.O. Box 25615
Federal Way, WA 98093
Phone: 1.253.835.4337
Fax: 1.253.835.4341

ABODE Homestay
12730 3rd Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98177
Phone: 1.206.527.8654
Fax: 1.206.524.7780

Short-term room renting
(not a homestay)

IMPORTANT – Please check the location and distance of various housing options
before you commit and sign a lease. Visit to check the distance
and to plan your trip by public transportation in the Seattle
area (bus, light rail, etc.).